We are passionate about bringing the joy and freedom of the Gospel to young people in our city and Diocese! 

Wellspring works in mission in Cardinal Newman Catholic School, reaching out to 2700 students to draw young people into a personal relationship with Jesus, and to form them as disciples sharing the life they've found in the Gospel with others. 

We run a programme of retreats for teenagers at Worth Abbey, and work across the Diocese to support various youth programmes and events to engage young people in asking the deeper questions of life, helping them find meaning and purpose. We are involved in The Big Encounter annual youth festival, the Redshirts - teenage mission team serving the Diocesan Lourdes pilgrimage, theASCENT youth discipleship programme; running a deanery-wide Confirmation programme, and a monthly youth event called The Friday Thing, and more.

As far as possible, we tap our young adults into serving in this mission as a great way to grow in discipleship and be equipped to share the faith.